Thursday, 31 January 2013

Day Fifty Six - Lunch

A near normal day today. Up with the family for some breakfast, crunchy nut cornflakes and 2 slices of toast with Marmite. Watched the new series of 30 rock. Did a bit of surfing and email tidying up and sent yet another email off to Wiggle 'cause my speed/cadence sensor still hadn't turned up. Found an email off them saying to check with the local delivery office just in case they'd try to deliver but not left a note. Did that, they hadn't. Went and double checked the outside cupboard, and lo and behold, in the bottom cupboard, hiding amongst the rubbish, was the packet from Wiggle. No card left to say it had been put there, bloody postman!

Anyway, fitted the sensor to the ribble, and had a go on the rollers for 30 minutes again. Heart rate was a lot better this time over the session and I only peaked at 134 bpm. Average for the massive 3.2 miles was 124 bpm. That's better. A lower heart rate means I'm not straining as much as I was before, and my heart is not doing lots of work for no gain. I'm using it as an indication of how much my fitness is coming back after 56 days of chemotherapy.

Lunch was spent in Platform One, I had a gorgeous spicy chicken wrap with chips, and my good mate Dai had scampi and chips, both really nicely presented and served. Nice place to eat if you're in Romiley. (No, I'm not on commission!)

Then coffee at the always excellent Polocini, and a chat with Claire who has to do 50km this evening on her exercise bike to complete the 500km challenge during January. Good luck Claire.

Home for an hour, chilling as the walk around Romiley and back home wiped me out a little.

Dentist. Just checking up on a chipped crown, told to leave it for the time being. If it gets worse I'll go back.

Home again, chilling again. Paige in and walking the dogs. Burgers for tea, me with savoury rice, the kids had new potatoes and peas. Nearly burnt the burgers and house looked like it was on fire for a while, oops!

Isaac home with his mate Sam to do some editing after tea.

And breath. Crikey, I'll sleep well tonight. It's nice to have days like this, where I can feel nearly normal.

While I was in the dentist, I worked out I've only got 11 days of tablets to go, I'll be counting down from 10 days as the blog headings. Awesome.

Good night.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day Fifty Five - How time flies

Tuesday - Got up, had meds, went back to bed. Got up at 12, 30 minute roller session, shower, lunch, walked dogs, knackered. Made tea, had meds, went to bed and slept like a log.

Wednesday - Got up, had meds, felt ok, drove to stockport, bought a DVD player, had a McDonald's, found DVD player wasn't region free, took it back to SK, came home and lay knackered on the sofa while watching batman 3. Went for a curry with Joh, lovely as usual in Indigo. Knackered again now.

This chemo fatigue is really weird how it gets you. One minute you feel almost fine, then next you've no energy to do even the most basic of tasks. So it pays to do stuff while you can, and rest when you can't. I don't bother fighting it, just do what my body is telling me. Best way. No plans, just stuff to do.

Good night xx

oops! Just realised typing this, I've not had my chemo this evening. Yum Yum, going to have them now.

Monday, 28 January 2013

Day Fifty Three - Light at the end of the tunnel

The worse thing about feeling this bad after my last chemo session, is knowing that I've got to go through it all again after I've had my stomach operation. This first time, not knowing how I was going to react has been a kind of safety net. I can take each day at a time and just deal with my symptoms as I go along. Knowing I'm going to feel this shit again in the future is bobbins. I'm actually not that worried about the operation now, as the pain and discomfort from that will mean me taking drugs to make me FEEL better, whereas chemo just makes you feel worse, until your body builds up a tolerance and you can crawl out of bed without having a complete breakdown.

Anyway, so now I've only got 14 days of chemo drugs left. Waytogo! After that, I'm already lined up for the next round of tests and prodding to see how much the tumour has shrunk. Then hopefully straight into the operation to remove the tumour. Then between 6 and 10 weeks to recover, then the dreaded chemo again to mop up any remaining cells. Choose life.

Beechwood again today. Dad took me as I wasn't fit to drive. Lovely session as usual. Nice massage, relaxing lunch, then a session on the sofa while Marion took us to a relaxing place. I didn't fall asleep this time, which was unusual. I'm sleeping ok for the time being, although do get the occasional sweats, lovely.

Food is tasting better, but still off coffee again. Bought some Ginger Nut biscuits today as one of the volunteers at Beechwood said it helped with the sickly feeling. Eaten nearly a whole packet tonight and feel a little sick :)

Time for bed xx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Day Fifty One - Mind the gap!

Wow! What a difference a few days can make. I had my last infusion on Monday, then two days of normal chemo tablets supplemented with two days of steroids to help me through it. After they run out though, you're on your own. Bump down to earth with a bang. Thursday/Friday and today I've felt like total shit. No energy, completely knackered, no appetite, horrible taste in my mouth, all the usual stuff really but more intense this time.
Hence the lack of Facebook/Twitter updates and no blog for the last 3 days.
The overwhelming feeling of wanting to be sick everytime I take my chemo is strong now too, so I'm having to carry on with the anti-sickness tablets for now. I hope this is rock bottom, because it certainly feels like it.

Later xx

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day Forty Eight - Burp, hiccup!

Look! That's me, cycling on a road bike again. In this weather :) 
Thanks to Richard who's lent me the excellent set of rollers for a while, I'm back on the road bike. Blimey, it's not easy being on those things either. I've done a turbo trainer in the past, and that is very easy in comparison as your back wheel is locked in place and you're supported no matter how you ride. With the rollers, it's all about the balance. One slip, and you're off, and I did slip the once. However, once you get going, it's all good. I did a short 30 minute session this morning, and that was enough. In all honesty, I couldn't keep my balance long enough to grab the water bottle on the window sill :) 
After that, and while I'm still on my steroids after the infusion, with the extra energy that gives you, and did part 1 of my six pack abs workout. Nice to have a bit of energy to do all that, we'll see how I feel on Thursday morning with no steroids to rely on. 

Joh was off today, so I did all my exercise while she did a bit of food shopping, then we went down to Polocini for lunch, which was as nice as usual. 
Home, chilling on the sofa for an afternoon doze, Joh went to the gym with Paige, then tea, watched the Green Zone with Matt Daaaammmmmoooooooon :) Not bad, but I wish Greengrass would invest in a bloody handycam! 

And so to bed, but not before mentioning the burps and hiccups. Over the last two days they have suddenly materialised for no apparent reason. It's like the old days before I even had a hernia. Don't know what's going on there, but Joh is going to ask Louise, the McMillan nurse, upper GI specialist what may be the cause of that, tomorrow. 

Good night xx

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Day Forty Seven - Roll on

I was really dreading this day. The day after my last infusion. Last time, I felt really rough the whole week after the infusion, with lots of chemo fatigue, however, this time round, for today at least, I've felt ok. Bit tired this morning, but otherwise ok.
Had a chill morning catching up on some TV, spot of lunch, then a little walk with Ellie down to Polocini for coffee and cake and a walk back through the park. Nice to see Snowmole from the Wheelers there having a bit of Gilbert cake. Lovely day for it, although the paths were treacherous as I fell on my fat ass on the way down and cut my knee. That'll be interesting to see how quickly that heals up as I've a much reduced immune system at the moment.
Anyway, here's a picture of Ellie rooting around in the park

While in the coffee shop, I had a chat with Alan concerning his upcoming hill climb competition. This is on the 3rd of February and is just about as local as a hill climb can get to me here in Romiley. It's taking in Cowlishaw Brow just at the top of Romiley, before you drop down to Compstall. It's 0.8 of a mile long with an average gradient of 14%. I've done it a few times in the course of my riding history, but Strava has me riding it in 3 minutes and 55 seconds back in November 2011. That was part of a ride I did taking in all of the climbs up to the top of Werneth Low that day. 
Just getting up may be a struggle this time round, but I'm going to give it a go. As part of my training and in an attempt to get back into road cycling without risking life and limb on the icy roads at the mo', Richard kindly dropped off an excellent set of Taxc rollers this evening for me to train on. Thanks Richard. 
I had a quick go while he was here to check that everything was working ok, and nearly came off twice! It's going to take a bit of practise I reckon. 

Good night xx

Monday, 21 January 2013

Day Forty Six - black hole

I'm sure the Christie operates in a different space time continuum. As soon as you go through those doors, time grinds to a halt.

Can you tell it's been a long day. Up at 6, 2 hours to drive to the Christie, bloods at 10:15, treatment started at 2pm. Finished at 10:40pm. At least this time I wasn't sick afterwards. Feel fine now. Just had a piece of toast and a coffee and ready for bed. Lets see how we feel tomorrow.

Good night xx

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Day Forty Five - Django

No chemo drugs today, but it didn't feel any different to any of the previous 44 days. Still carrying this damned headache above my right ear, and still feeling as tired as ever. I feel this is only going to get worse over the course of the last session.
Which is starting tomorrow. A snowy drive over to the Christie, bloods tested then chemo. Should be getting going around 9 - 10 am at the latest.

Today I went to see Django Unchained with Rab from work. What a cracking film, highly recommend it. Had to have a word with the chap in front of me who insisted on playing with his mobile phone as soon as the film started. Just a quiet word in his ear was all it took and he put it away after that. Thanks.

Quiet evening in, watched a bit of telly and then an early night.

Night all xx

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Day Forty Four - End of round 2

Took my last lot of chemo tablets today for the end of round two, hurrah! That's two thirds of the way through the treatment now. Felt ok enough today to go for a little mtb ride again. A reverse of the route I did on Wednesday really, with one of the hills taken out as I wasn't feeling up to it when I got there. However, I did a little detour towards the end of the ride which made up for the missing climb.

I stopped on the canal between Marple and Strines to take a picture. (I remembered to take my phone this time) Although it was cold and icy out, it was great to get out on the trails again, twice in one week! 

After that exertion  the only place for dinner is Polocini of course. Poached egg on toast today, with an americano and a slice of flapjack, lovely. 
Home, shower, rest. Chilled on the sofa listening to Guy Garvey off of Elbow on Radio 6 listen again from last Sunday, which was a good show. I'll be listening to that again. 
Katherine and Ian came round for tea tonight, we'd not seen them since missing their wedding because of the cock up at Christies with my first infusion, so it was nice to catch up. Joh did us proud again with her Paella, using better chorizo this time, none of that cheap stuff we had last time :) 
And so to bed. No chemo drugs to take tomorrow, which'll feel a little weird, but a big day on Monday. My last infusion at the Christie and another 21 days of chemo drugs to take. Nearly there. 

Good night xx

Friday, 18 January 2013

Day Forty Three - indigo

Another day, another lie-in.
I started the day with the good intention of going for a ride after an early breakfast. Joh was off so breakfast in bed.
Adult cuddle.
Joh then went off to do some shopping and I promptly went back to sleep.
I woke when joh got back around 11.
Headache was worse today. Even after the lie-in I still felt tired all day.
Dad came round at dinner, while joh went off for lunch with a friend.
I then went round to see Stacey for a brew, and Steve showed up with an invite to his wedding. Nice.
Finally, curry with John & Claire at the indigo and a few beers to finish.
I'm now wiped out!

Chemo drugs then sleep xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Day Forty Two - Closed

Just to prove to myself that no two days are the same, I had the energy to go cycling yesterday, whereas today I had just enough energy this morning to crawl back to bed after getting up for breakfast.
I was up early and downstairs catching up on 30 ROCK and FILM 2013, bowl of fruit & fibre, Greek yogurt and a couple of slices of fruit bread. By 8am I was dozing off again, feeling really tired. The chemo drugs are really flooding my system now. So back to bed for a few hours.

I had a plan for tea, and needed one ingredient to make it that bit special today. I drove over to Disley where there's a chap who bakes the most delicious cakes, bread and biscuits. But he's not open everyday. And he wasn't open today unfortunately. No bread for my meal tonight. Stopped at Polocini for lunch on the way back, finally they've changed the soup :) Lovely tomatoe soup on the menu now. Maybe that's a sign that I'm spending too much time there? :)

Home and walked the dog. Nice hard crisp ground for a change. I was getting sick of walking in the mud all the time.
Home again, chill for a while, then look up how to make Macaroni Cheese on the net. Simple enough, and we've got all the ingredients. Lets go! It eventually turned out pretty bloody nice, although I did use a full block of cheese to make it super cheesy. Did some simple chicken and bacon in tomatoes to accompany it, and the family all liked it. (don't worry, this isn't turning into a cookery blog)

Eldest brother Paul and Regina came by for a visit this evening, nice to see them and offer some training advice to Regina. Then an always nice phone call from Barry at work. Keeping me upto date on the happenings back in the real world. Always nice to get visitors. 

Off to bed now. I'll be up early to watch the Lance interview on Oprah. 

Good night xx

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Day Forty One - Ride Time

Felt fine when I got up this morning. Still got the headache, but not as pronounced as usual. Up and at 'em. Scrambled egg on bagel for breakfast, watched Utopia from C4 last night, very good, and very violent. Dug out the mtb, fixed the puncture on my spare tube, repacked my puncture repair kit and headed out for a little jaunt in the countryside. In a bid to combat my forgetfulness at the moment, I made a point of making sure I'd locked the front door, so much so that I forgot to take my camelbak with my spare tube, pump, multitool and phone. I realised this when I was 2 miles from home on the canal into Marple. What would you do? Turn around and go back and get it, or press on and take the risk that I may puncture and have to limp home from miles away? I opted for the second option and pressed on. Fortunately I had no mechanicals or punctures, so all was good. I only did 10 miles anyway.

A nice fairly flat route. It was good to get out again, even in the cold. If you look at the map above closely, you'll see I've stopped the ride at the official ride stop place in Romiley, that being the Polocini Coffee Shop. Lovely mushroom soup for lunch, washed down with a cappuccino. Nice. 

Home, shower, film afternoon. Watched Chronicle on rental which was quite good, liked the ending as it reminded me of Akira, then watched Dredd on Blueray which was excellent. Saw that at the cinema in 3D and the 2D Blueray didn't lose any of the impact. 
Made tea, chemo drugs, telly, blog, bed. 

Good night xx 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Day Forty - Billy no mates

A slow start to the day as usual. Woke with everyone else at 6, breakfast in bed at 7:30, made by me, chemo tablets, then sleep again till 11. Took Ellie out for a walk and had a spot of lunch.
I then drove over to catch the 13:15 showing of JACK REACHER with Tom Cruise. I thought it'd be along the lines of a Mission Impossible kind of film, but it was more of a detective thriller. And it was quite good. Bit of a slow burner, but didn't drag at all. Of course, I went on my own :)

Home and get tea on for the horde. Spag bol tonight with some nice cheese.

Still feeling tired, even after the lie in this morning, there's a constant dull ache behind my eyes now, and I'm tired all the time. Not looking forward to my last chemo session on Monday, but we're nearly there now, so chin up and crack on.

Later  xx

Monday, 14 January 2013

Day Thirty Nine - Beechwood

Beechwood again today. I did think it may not be on, but had a drive over anyway. My first drive in over 2 weeks. Felt like I'd been away on summer holiday and not rented a car :)
But like riding a bike, you never forget how to drive. Luckily.
Usual glowing report for the Beechwood and the staff. This time I didn't have my usual reflexology though as my usual lady was off, so I had Reiki instead. This is someone just laying their hands on you and channelling their energy through you to help you relax. To be honest, it didn't do anything for me, although I did have a nice doze.

An uneventful drive home, make tea, chill out with the Gadget Show and a little Ben & Jerrys. Nice.

Good night xx

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Day Thirty Eight - Baby visitors

Slow start to the day today. Didn't get up till 11am after the usual breakfast in bed. Fatigue again. That's a constant feeling now. The chemo headache, out of breath going up stairs, highly elevated heart rate on my very easy cycle ride on Saturday. All signs my body is struggling more and more to process the poison chemo drugs going around. On the plus side, I've no issues eating whatsoever now. In fact, I've no symptoms of cancer either. If I wasn't taking the chemo poison right now, I'd be fine. Of course I realise that the poison is what is both clearing my tumour, and making me feel shit. Ironic.

Sarah, Ian and Eliza came to visit at dinnertime today. Great to see you lot xx After that, Joh and I walked down to Platform One in Romiley for a spot of lunch. Ordered the burger, but they were out so we had the chicken burger instead. Which was delicious. Home again and an afternoon of Transformers on the projector. Watched #1 then #2 while eating tea, which was Toad in the Hole. Nice.

Off to bed now, with Joh worrying about the snow. She hates driving in it. Hope it doesn't stick.

Night night xx

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Day Thirty Seven - Half a bowl of soup!

Usual start to the day, with the added benefit of Joh bringing me breakfast in bed. (a bowl of crunchy nut cornflakes) Chemo drug poison, then doze. Woke up to the realisation that I wasn't going to get a better day than today to go for a ride, so I did.

And what a lovely ride it was too. Nice to say hello to my work buddy Dave. Nice cake mate :)
Stopped at Polocini on the way home for a bowl of soup and another slice of cake. I had the last bit of soup, so only the half bowl which they didn't charge me for, thanks Claire x 

Home, shower, shaved head, and rest. Joh then made the most delicious tea we've had in a while. Dead simple, fillet fish, boiled potatoes and peas, but very tasty. Thanks darling, love you quite a bit x

Then more chemo poison tablets, yum :)

I'm now writing this blog and put SPLASH on. Joh is really getting into it FFS! Seriously, this is major shite! 

Good night xx

Day Thirty Six - let me entertain you

Chemo head is getting more pronounced now. I was up bright and early watching the household go off to college and work. Caught up with my tv program's, especially the excellent SOUTHLANDS on more4. I then take my chemo and within about an hour I can feel it in my system. Instant tiredness. No point fighting it, so a little doze on the sofa was needed.
Up and at em later though, with a small burst of energy to vac through, dust and clean the bathroom. Spot of soup for lunch then walk the dog along the canal and stop at Polocini for coffee and flapjack. Met joh there.
Home, movie afternoon tucked up on the sofa and then prepare for Theresa and Ian coming for dinner. Always great to catch up with those two.
Couple of glasses of vino and a delicious paella made by joh, followed by cheesecake, fruit and cream. Nice.
Bed. Knackered. Hence no blog last night.
Chemo head again this morning.

Good morning xx

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Day Thirty Five - Not the best

I had big plans for today, the morning was to be spent getting my car going again, having a little drive out, and parking it a bit better on the estate. Then I was going to walk the dog, spot of lunch and if I was feeling up to it, a little bike ride?

The reality was a little different. I woke at 05:30, made Joh and I a brew at 6, watched the news till 07:30, had scrambled egg on toast for brekkie, watched a bit of tv till 9 ish, and felt really tired. So I went back to bed. Woke again at 11:30, walked the dog (got that bit right) lunch, then back to the sofa after a little bike fettling and sorting out some washing that needed doing. Not quite the day I had planned. Still, never mind.

It's important to listen to what my body wants to do. No point trying to force myself to do something if I don't feel up to it.

Had a nice pork chop, carrots, peas, cauliflower and brocoli for tea. Lovely. Cheesecake for supper :)

Stay classy Stockport xx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day Thirty Four - Christie, Coffee, Walkies, Wheels and Curry

Well what a busy day. Up early for my checkup at the Christie. Arrived nice and early, straight through to bloods, short wait for the Doctor, everything ok, wait for blood results, all ok, out.
Home for a bacon & cheese butty, Joh off to work. Thanks for the lift. X
Surprise text off Jon, "fancy a coffee?" Why yes I do Mr Swindells, thankyou very much. Lift down to Polocini and my first coffee for a week and a half. Great chat with Claire and Alan, then half the Test Team descended, sans bikes, for a good chin wag and a moan about where parcel deliveries leave our packages :)

Lift home off Jon, and it's walkies. Slightly bigger walk today with Ellie, didn't feel out of breath or have any dizzy spells, so things are getting back to normal again. Nice.
Home and sorted out my bike wheels. 2 road bikes and 3 sets of wheels. Bit of a change round required after weighing everything. The new mavics are 2lb, shimano rs10's are 3.1 and the ribble wheels were nearly 5lbs! Mavics on the Cannondale, of course, cant wait to ride that on a dry day, rs10's on the ribble, and the ribble wheels as spares in the cupboard. Result.
May even try a little ride tomorrow.

Finally, out with Joh for a beer and a curry. Platform One in Romiley for the beer, then onto Indigo for the curry. Excellent food and service as usual .

Having just lost my night allowance now, I got some good news on the financial front that will mean we're not struggling for the time being. Plan is to return to work once I'm better after this first bout of chemo has finished, then take some time off on holiday time for my next lot of exploratory ops and appointments, then big time off for my stomach surgery and the further chemo on the other side.

That's the idea anyway.

Good day today xx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Day Thirty Three - 33!

Think about the above title for a minute, that's 33 days of non-stop chemo, 2 x 10 hour infusions of the poison and tablet poison everyday. And still another, hang on while I work it out........................
31 days! 31 more days, that's including the last 10 hour infusion around the 19th January. Blimey, if there's anything left of this shitty tumour after that assault I'd be very surprised :)

Anyway, today, not too bad at all. Quite a busy day really.
Lowered my projector, as it was needing too much vertical correction in its current position, so it's now firing directly at the opposite wall.
straightened up the TV, as it was a tiny bit lopsided.
Took Ellie for a walk through the village and picked up my 2000AD.
Stopped by Polocini for lunch, the always delicious mushroom soup and a piece of heavenly flapjack, and a cup of tea (still off coffee)
Home and touched up the wall where I'd moved the projector.
Caught up with the washing during the day. I've dumped all the clean stuff on our bed, it's Joh's job to sort and fold it. Gotta give her something to do.
And relax, tired by then, so a film afternoon. Watched "woman in black" which was a little scary, and ok, then "martha marcy may marlene" which was surprisingly good.
Made spag boll for tea, tidied kitchen.
Ate tea with Isaac (Joh not home yet) had a nice chat.
and rest again, waiting 30 mins to take me pills.

Still got a nagging feeling in the back of my head, like a low level constant headache, and I'm back to dizzy spells if I stand up too quick or move too fast. Otherwise everything is hunkydorey.

Crack on xx

Monday, 7 January 2013

Day Thirty Two - Beechwood

Part 3 of my 8 day course at Beechwood Cancer Care Centre today. Once again a very relaxing day. Start the morning with a one to one with a trained nurse/counselor, off-load any moans or gripes I have so far, not many. Then a bit of foot massage to relax me further, a spot of lunch, then a relax in the main room, on a magic carpet to a lost lagoon! Lovely. After all that, a talk on Fatigue, which was quite pertinent as that's what I've had for the last week.
I can't sing the praises of the Beechwood and it's brilliant staff enough. They really do make you feel so welcome and relaxed as soon as you walk through the door. If you know anyone suffering from cancer, get them into here if you can.

My dad took me and picked up today. I'm still not quite up to driving as I still had a thick head this morning. Energy levels are increasing though, and I felt ok today climbing stairs and generally walking about. Rather tellingly, my legs have started twitching again, which is a sure sign they are in need of a good walk, which I'll give a go tomorrow. I'm still off coffee, but tea is ok.

I've got a swollen vein on my right arm where the cannula was inserted, and further up my arm has swollen up too. My left arm has developed a strange bruise on the inside of my elbow, which I've no idea where from? I'll have to keep an eye on that.

So, relaxed, bruised, sore veins, energy levels up, sickness down. Going in the right direction I reckon, should be back on the bike by the end of the week :)

Later xx

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Day Thirty One - Just Drive

After a lovely breakfast in bed, god I love my wife :), we were up and about around 9 am, ish. Cleaning was on the agenda this morning. So, while Joh got stuck into cleaning the floors, I had a go at a corner of the kitchen. (every little helps)
I gave the cooker a good clean, while Joh blitzed the floor and sofa. Cracking job. Joh then went to the tip, spot of lunch, then it was over the Chinley to give Toby a bit of a break.

Well, more like give me a break from Toby. He's a Golden Retriever, and although he's got a great nature, he's a handful if he's not walked for at least an hour around midday, everyday. Which is fine normally, as I'd do it, or the kids or Joh. But everyone is back to school and work next week, except me, and I'm not up to walking dogs for an hour just yet. I'm struggling walking up stairs at the moment.

So Toby's gone back to his mums in Chinley for a little while. He loves it there, and he's well looked after. We get a break from him, and Ellie loves the peace and quiet for a while. That's Ellie on the right.

Which meant we were driving over roads that I'd normally be cycling. I've not been out properly over that area for a while, bike or otherwise, and it was nice to see the hills once again.
After that, I finally persuaded Joh to drop in on Mark and pick up my birthday/Xmas present, a gorgeous, barely used set of Mavic Ksyrium Elite Wheels for my Cannondale. I've no tyres for them yet, on order, but I fitted them to the bike anyway :) It weighs around 15 lb now, which is pretty light in my book. Nice.

Chinese take away for tea, still no problems eating, all going down fine.
Countryfile on the the telly, glass of white, chemo tablets. Chilling.

Beechwood tomorrow for a foot rub, one to one and an afternoon nap.

Feel ok today, just a nagging mild headache, and a very feint feeling of sickness. I'm actually finding it harder to take the chemo lately, as I know the dose is building inside me, and is actualy making me feel sick.

Night all xx

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Day Thirty - walkies!

Well, feeling a bit better today. Dragged my ass out of bed at 09:15, shower and breakfast, chemo tablets then watched tv for a while.
Had a lovely dinner of quiche and salad, with olives and sun-dried tomatoes, and a few walnuts, very nice. Smoothie to finish. Joh was home by 2, so we went for a walk. Well, Joh was walking, I was wheezing along behind. We only went on a short walk, about a mile and a half, but the uphills really knocked me for six, as usual. It really does feel ridiculous getting out of breath on even the shortest climbs, or just anything that needs a bit of effort.
However, my spirits are still up, and I understand I need to rest through this part of my treatment. The way I look at it is that I've done loads of miles in 2012 cycling and running and walking, so taking it easy for a few months wont be such a big deal. It's for the greater good.

Nearly tea time, see you around xx

Friday, 4 January 2013

Day Twenty Nine - All better

Well, the cat and Isaac are, me on the other hand, not so well. Pretty much spent the day in bed. Not sleeping, just no energy to get out and do anything. Still off tea & coffee (sorry Polocini) so just drinking water. Eatings ok, had some Spaghetti cheese for lunch and Joh made a lovely quiche for tea. All going down fine.
Just a complete lack of energy. Walking up stairs is an effort at the moment, which kind of makes all the miles I did last week all the more important I guess.

Off back to bed in a while.

Sleep tight xx

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Day Twenty eight - house of ill

I'm the one who's supposed to be sick in this house! Currently though we've also got a sick Isaac and a sick cat!
Stay away from here for a while.
Joh was up at 3:30 am this morning after Isaac did a spot of projectile vomiting on his way from bedroom to toilet. He didn't quite make it. He's spent the day in bed on nothing but water.
The cat puked tonight after eating her tea, down the back of the sofa of all places!
Me, pretty much the same as yesterday. No energy. Headache. Dizzy. Eating ok but having to rest constantly. Just having a shower was a struggle this morning. I really hope my energy levels come back as this is getting frustrating.
Spent most of today in bed again and I'm there now at 20:16 writing this. Tired again.

Night all xx

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Day Twenty Seven - Dog day afternoon

It's been a rough one today. Joh's back at work, Paige was at Jamie's and Isaac was having a lie in too. I got up at 10 to have some breakfast so I can have my chemo, Isaac was up a while later to take the dogs out. I stayed up till around one, just so I could have some chicken soup for lunch, then went back to bed feeling very groggy. I'm not off food, but the oily taste is off putting to say the least. I've spent the afternoon in bed just dozing. Perhaps all those miles last week have finally caught up with me. I feel like I've got a blockage in my sinus at the moment as well, so that's not helping. 

Definitely not on my bike so far this week. 

Still, after a shit day, some cracking news with regard to the funds raised for the Beechwood, boosted today by the eBay sale of the Team GB shirt kindly donated by Richard Thomas. This was eventually won by Martin Hickman and the monies have already been donated to the Beechwood. Big thanks to you both, and to everyone else who bid. 
I'd set myself a low target of only £100 when I first started fundraising, which on advice I bumped up to £500 to reflect the 500km I was attempting to do, now we're at over £605 at time of writing this. Once again, thanks to all that have donated over the last few months. 

I keep being told that I'm an inspiration. I don't feel like one to be honest. I'm just a middle aged bloke with a wife and two kids whose got cancer, and is just getting on with beating the shit out of it. Some days are better than others, and I'm having some rough ones this week, but I'm determined to beat this, with your constant support through twitter and Facebook. 

Thankyou one and all xx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Day Twenty Six - Happy New Year (again)

Well, glad that's all over with. Decorations down in the next few days and back to normal thank god. Despite everything though, we've had a nice Christmas and new year at the Wilkinson household. It was certainly a lot better than we expected back at the end of October when I was diagnosed. I really did have nightmares of not being able to eat much over the festive period, but as it happens, the treatment is going well, and I've been able to eat near normally. Nice.

So today, went for a little walk with Joh and the dogs, which was hard work. I mean, I'm easily capable of walking close to 6 miles without breaking a sweat, and struggled today to walk 2 at Joh's pace! :)
Still, my appetite is coming back, as I've eaten near normally today, although still off tea & coffee. I can highly recommend the mushroom soup from Polocini too, it was delicious. This evening we had a table full for dinner, Me, Joh, Paige, Isaac, Kate and Jamie, all eating a lovely meal prepared by Joh, delicious. Thanks darling xx

Feeling a lot better this evening, not taken any anti sickness tablets yet, so I'll put that off till I need to. Hopefully I'm over the worst of this batch of chemo already. Still got the horrible taste in my mouth though, like a constant oiliness, yuk!

Good Night xx